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Port Agency

Port agency

"UMF agency" LLC provides professional and reliable ship’s agency service of any type in the Russian ports of the Baltic Sea and on the inland waterways of the European part of Russia:

  • Customs and other formalities related to the vessel’s port call
  • Assistance in providing the vessel with a berth, tugs, boats, etc., as well as pilotage
  • Providing the vessel with fuel (bunker), food and technical supplies
  • Organization of vessel repair
  • Assistance in the fastest execution of loading-unloading operations
  • Notification of shipowners about the movement of their vessels and the progress of cargo operations
  • Defense of shipowners’ interests in Customs authorities, against the administration of ports, cargo owners and other services

Over the years, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge, invaluable experience, as well as strong and close contacts with the port municipal services, Federal authorities, stevedoring, forwarding, piloting, towing and other commercial companies, which helps to represent and defend the interests of owners or charterers of vessels effectively.

We are aware of the importance of the timely provision of information, the accurate implementation of instructions and orders throughout the work with the customer’s vessel.

Looking forward to receiving your request and doing everything we can, we offer you competitively priced transport or service solutions and ask you to contact us in any convenient way.

"UMF agency" LLC is your reliable partner in the Russian ports of the Baltic Sea and on the inland waterways of the European part of Russia.


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