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Our company carries out a full range of intraport forwarding of cargo in St. Petersburg sea port, the signing of documents in all port services, the registration of all necessary documents. We work with all the major shipping and service companies at all terminals of the port.

Intraport forwarding is a part of forwarding services related to the intraport work with cargo. It includes work with documents, shipping lines agents, port terminals, customs and other regulatory authorities in the port.

Forwarding containers located at the terminals of the St. Petersburg sea port (First Container Terminal, Petrolseport, St. Petersburg Container Terminal) has some unique features that our company will take care of.

Forwarding containers in maritime transportation requires a wider range of work, unlike transportation by other modes of transport. Our company offers the following additional services:

  • Empty container supply for loading goods;
  • Ground transportation from warehouse to port;
  • Sea transportation from port to port;
  • Intraport forwarding;
  • Ground delivery of a container from the port to the consignee's warehouse.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the organizational component is the main link in the process of forwarding in international maritime transport. Therefore, only the professional organization of transportation will save you from unforeseen expenses and problems in the delivery of goods.

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