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The chartering department of "UMF agency" LLC operates in the segment of small "coaster" type vessels, as well as oversized and project cargo. However, we are also strong in the Handy/Panamax segment. Exclusively, semi-exclusively or in competition with other companies, we represent a number of both domestic and foreign customers and are ready to render services both within Russia and abroad.

The following destinations are our main international transportation routes:

  • from the Baltic region of the Mediterranean;
  • from the Black and Azov Seas to the Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea and the Bay of Biscay, as well as to the region of Belgium, Holland, Germany or England
  • from the Baltic and Black Seas to the Red Sea region, the Persian Gulf, India, Southeast Asia and the Far East
  • the direction of the West and the East coast of Africa.

Our company actively operates in the river-sea segment in the river systems of the Russian Federation, as well as on the Danube and along the Rhine. We are engaged in transportation in the Caspian region and always ready to transport your cargo from door to door, including river and ground transportation.

  1. Chartering on conditions of voyage charter party:
  2. a) single voyage
  3. b) consecutive voyages
  4. c) general contract


  1. Time-charter, which, depending on the method of determination of the vessel lease duration, is divided into regular time charter and round charters.

Our mission is to provide the most favorable conditions for partnership. We perform the tasks of fixing cargo or a vessel with the greatest possible care.

Our employees are always at the right time in the right place and we are ready to engage in work immediately 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The head of our chartering department is a specialist with over ten years of experience, with the diploma confirmed abroad, working with international organizations and foreign shipowners. He has hundreds of successful transactions and satisfied customers behind him.


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